Bret falls in love with the girl that works at the local pet store, but is too afraid to talk to her.  Bret ends up buying two goldfish, and getting the third one free, everytime he goes in.  Jermaine and Dave try to help Bret as his wingmen by sending him in with a very laud walkie talkie to tell him what to say.  He ends up screwing it up and coming home with more goldfish.  Mel then tries to show Bret how to properly stalk someone and they find where she lives by following her home and find an old electric bill of hers in the trash.

Then Bret gets an idea off an old sitcom.. hire some guy to mug the girl on her walk home and look like a hero by rescuing her.  Bret walks her home and Jermaine and his mugger friend wait for her to walk by.  It turns out she agrees to go on a sushi date before she even gets mugged and tries to call it off.. but it's too late.  The mugger friend punches Bret in the nose and steals the purse.  Jermaine and the mugger attempt to retreat but get arrested.  Murray has to get Jermaine out of it by saying he's a New Zealand diplomat.

Back at home, Bret gets "freaky" with the girl and things work out well until Jermaine comes home and she recognizes him.  Bret then manages to admit he rooted through her garbage, followed her home, etc and she leaves.  Nice.

Murray, meanwhile, spends the episode convinced Greg hates him after he threw Greg under the bus when he under-ordered the sandwiches required for the meeting.

Flight of the Conchords
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