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Molly says she took shelter, lying about the severity of her situation. On the outside, she seems fine. She claims she didn't proceed with the rescue until the storm was over.

The guy's dosimeter badge registered 200 rems, which is more than the maximum dose any person should get in a lifetime. He will most surely get cancer in the next few years. Ellen is moving up her return to earth to get him home, and she's taking Molly with her. Molly is highly annoyed.

Ellen says that once she's recovered, she'll come back up, six months, a year tops. Jouvo won't be coming up again.

Regan and Andropov are already at odds because Regan went to Defcon 3 from the solar flare. Hello Gary Hart, you sad wannabe!!

Ellen reports in to admin on the ground. They need to send up more plutonium to keep the reactor going. Bradford hampers Margo's efforts to get it done expediently with talk of protocol.

Regan wants to show he's a man of peace, but Margo says putting missiles on Pathfinder probably isn't the best way to do that. That's on hold for now, but they want an astronaut and a cosmonaut photographed shaking hands in space to show their common purpose. Margo laughs out loud.

Maybe a young face for the MTV crowd, the guy suggests. Margo says there is no way there will be cosmonauts docking with their craft, and the guy laughs back. Oh, come on. The Soviets will never say OK, so it will look like they slapped away our olive branch and make us look all well and groovy.

Ellen has had four tours, 723 days. She's had her fill on Jamestown. She thinks she can get more done on the ground. She formally hands the reins to Al. Ellen says her goodbyes and gives Al the keys to the liquor cabinet before leaving.

Gordo is playing Asteroids when Ed wanders up. Nobody can beat Ed's high score.

Outside of The Outpost, Danielle is opening and closing the door of her super cool sportscar. God, I miss cars like that! She gets as far as opening the door and moving from the seat before climbing back inside again.

Inside The Outpost, Gordo and Ed are sharing a beer. Danielle's husband has died, possibly killed himself. She joins them as they're talking, first noticing the hanging fern. What the hell? They laugh at what a dump it was before and how Karen has gussied up the place. Danielle is holding up, day by day; she just misses him.

The last nine years were so hard. Clayton struggled and was in so much pain. She's trying to get back to her old self. That's why she's here. She wants to go back to the moon. She's tired of talking about the good old days and meeting with those two every few weeks. She will not spend the rest of her life saying you remember this, you remember that?

Ed says he'll put in the paperwork tomorrow. She's so excited she's giddy.

Tracy is on a fake moon, posing for pictures in Los Angeles. They're destined for Times Square.

She's fuckin boilin' in that suit so she appreciates the champagne. Sam calls.

Gordo is telling tales to another rotary group. Gordo connects with a waitress who he takes home for a good time.

Ellen and Molly are landing. The light kills Molly's eyes. Is that a side effect of radiation sickness? Everything is happening in a haze for her.

Wayne finds her and immediately notices she's not herself.

Karen is making breakfast for kelly. Her hair is long, brown, and Charlie's Angels-ish. Kelly is looking at an Annapolis book, which she hides before breakfast.

Ellen and Larry share breakfast, watching the news. John Lennon is talking about peace on the telly when a fellow that Larry is shtuping joins and then leaves so nobody sees. Ellen wonders if it's serious.

Larry is working for Boeing now. He can't get another employment review until December. Ellen begins her new job as Deputy Administrator today, and Larry got her a large briefcase. She's gotta look the part, he says.

Ellen says her hellos and gets right into a budget meeting. The two men in the room take the available chairs, while she's left to pull up a lounge chair.

Ellen wants to move forward on Mars. They treat her like a child.

Margo gets a message from Aleida, and it throws her.

Tracy visits Ed with a gift. She stole Ed McMahon's mug.

Ed isn't pleased with her, so she calls him out on it. He treats her different than he did Gordo when he was screwing everything in sight.

Ed welcome the new Ascans, with Molly in the back of the classroom.

Gordo and Tracy's son, Danny, comes home from the military. It's a nice little family reunion.

Margo is annoyed and taking to task a machine that won't let go of her sandwich. She discovers negative pressure works to set it free.

Karen calls Ed to the bar since Gordo is making a fool of himself.

Gordo is struggling with his real life, and like Danielle, he wants to go back to Jamestown. He misses the good years.

Wabo is quitting the program, and Molly is angry at him for giving up. But he's taking Ed's tact, being with those you love instead of doing what he loves.

Gordo gets a call about the weekly staff meeting being moved up to 11:00 today. He's confused, but gets dressed and goes to work.

He grabs a cup of black coffee and asks Danielle why the meeting was moved up. Neither has any idea. But Ed has a flight assignment to announce. Danielle is heading back to Jamestown.

Oh, and one more thing, Captain Gordo Stevens will be joining her. That makes little Gary kind of annoyed. But Gordo says he can't go back up, and Ed knows it. Ed says it's not his call.

The world starts spinning, and Gordon's eyes start to twitch.

Gordo bums a cigarette off of Molly.

For All Mankind
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For All Mankind Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Danielle [looking at a hanging fern]: What the hell is that?
Gordo: Plants in a bar. What's next?
Ed: I tried tellin' her. She said it freshens up the place.

Al: I hereby relieve you as commander as Jamestown.
Ellen: I stand relieved.