The Family Struggles - For Life
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It opens with a father Andy with his son Marcel. They go to a local store, and when Andy goes back to retrieve his son's toy, he gets pulled over.

Ronnie's family wants the baby baptized. The Wallaces aren't really religious. They check in with Marie. She's still treating COVID-19 patients and spending time away.

Jasmine watches the George Floyd video and Aaron comforts her. She goes out to protests and Aaron goes stir crazy since he still has curfew.  Aaron is concerned about Jasmine going out protesting all day every day. Jasmine challenges that he's not angry enough.  Masry comes and finds a case for them of police brutality.

She wants Aaron to take it on but Aaron doesn't seem interested in it. Masry leaves with parting words that seem to influence him. Aaron goes to see Andy who is still alive after getting shot in the back. They're charing him with resisting arrest.  He was trying to help his son out of the car seat when he was shot.

They won't arraign Andy because of COVID and they cops won't let him go. Ronnie and Jasmine argue about her getting caught up in going to the protests and not hanging out with the baby. Aaron files for an emergency hearing to get the cuffs off of Andy. Jasmine calls Aaron to tell him that Ronnie got arrested. He tried to stop a guy from smashing a window with a brick. He waved down the police and they thought he did it. Then they came for Jazz. He tells Ronnie that Masry will represent him.

She gets him off on a ROR and reminds him that she doesn't know what he's going through but she's always with him. Jasmine talks to Ronnie's mother about her feelings bringing a black child into this world. His mother uplifts her. 

Aaron spends time with Andy. They talk about racism. They talk about their families and more. Marie returns home and Aaron tells her how to work through her PTSD. Aaron gets a call that Andy is on life support. A blood clot to his brain.

Aaron and Henry go to the attorney General so he can evoke something to have an investigation into Andy's shooting now that wife took him off of life support.

Spencer tells AG to make Aaron special prosecutor. 

For Life
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For Life Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

People walking around all horrified like this is new. His knee was the noose, honey. They just got a new way to kill us now. 


Aaron: Hey, what's wrong?
Jasmine: They won't get off his neck. He just kept begging and they wouldn't let him up. He just wants to be let up. Why wouldn't they let him up? He was crying for his mother. He just kept crying!