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Sandra takes on the case of a man posing as a superhero and goes up against Leonard. The pair bicker in the courtroom but ultimately manage to agree on a deal. 

Meanwhile, Allison found herself at odds with the law when it emerged that a man was being accused of being a pirate after taking items from a relief ship. 

However, Allison found herself struggling to agree with anyone when she heard that the man was doing everything to save those closest to the man. 

She also learned that the relief ship was not being used and was being left in a hurricane-ravaged city. 

Elsewhere, Kate found herself pursuing a relationship with an ATF officer when they worked a case. 

The officer was called Anya and the two of them shared a kiss after visiting a gun range. 

Jill gave someone a case that made them question whether she was trying to make them sink or swim. 

For The People
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For The People Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Sandra: The cable guy came.
Allison: What?
Sandra: The swapped out the equipment, they upgraded us, we now have a download speed of one gigabit per second.

Jill: He's being charged with piracy.
Allison: Piracy?
Jill: The sentence is life in prison.