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Abe's antique shop is burgled. Henry profiles the damage and concludes that the thief is of a small build. Jo's door is knocked in the dead of night. When she checks it out. No one is there. 

The next morning a body is found on Jo's street in an apparent hit and run. Henry appears and concludes he the killer ran over the victim before reversing back over him to make sure he was dead.

The victims name is Aaron, a former crook who was trying turn his life around. Jo and Henry investigate when diamonds are stolen from a local shop. Her old friend Dunne is working on the case. When Jo looks further into the case she finds that Aaron's DA was her deceased husband and sets out to look at old tapes from when Aaron was a crook.

They find out that someone else named Diego Rodriguez was involved in the crime that got Aaron caught 3 years ago and that he was out on parole in the last year. 

When the NYPD track him down he is shot, as is Hanson.

Inside Diego's body is a condom full of diamonds. Abe investigates these and concludes that they aren't worth much. 

When a new lead comes in Henry realizes that Dunne was the one that shot Hanson, but Jo has already left the building with him and is driving his car. He slips up about the address, prompting her to sneakily call Henry and he tells her to crash the car at 60 miles per hour. She does this and escapes.

It emerges that Dunne was taking a cut of the insurance claim by the shop owner. He was a dirty cop.

Jo is comforted by Henry after watching the video with her husband in it again. 

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Forever Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Henry: It must be hard. I mean, not the gum. Seeing him. Feels like it's real for a moment. Like you can talk to him.
Jo: I just got caught off guard for a second.

Abe: I got one word to describe these stones: meh.

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