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Jo and Henry attempt to conclude what happened to a humanitarian. It is evident whoever killed him, knew him. He let them into his apartment. After Henry does some digging we find out that he and his group of friends, accidentally killed a boy 9 years ago by knocking him down. They buried his body in the woods, but they didn't know that they were seen by the owner of a gas station.

The owner threatens Tyler and makes him donate money to him for several years, before killing him in his apartment. Henry and Jo realize who the killer is and confront him, but he shoots Henry and runs off. Jo chases after him and thinks twice about shooting him, which puts her life in danger as he turns the gun on her. Henry almost has to reveal his ability after volunteering to be killed first. 

Henry has flashbacks of a time he had to let a man die to avoid his secret from being revealed. We see him telling Abigail who helps him rationalize the situation. 

Joanna takes Jo to target practice to help her get over her fear of using her gun, after the events of last week.


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Forever Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

In my experience, just because you're a saint, doesn't mean you don't know any sinners.


You guys would notice if I was abducted, right?