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Jo calls Henry and asks him to come to work on his day off, after a British man winds up dead, in Central Park. They quickly realise he is not who his passport says he is and that he isn’t British. He has  wounds to his neck, but nothing was stolen.<P>

Searching for leads, Henry and Jo find out that he is to be married and they go see the marriage registrar who appears shocked about the death.<P>

Emily is shocked about Dwight’s death, but even more shocked about not knowing who he really was.<P>

Henry finds out that Patricia, the registrar is was in cahoots with Dwight and they were conning Emma’s family to get money. She coached him to make a fake accent and clothed him in high brow clothing. She is nowhere to be found.<P>

An old friend of Abe’s passes away and he and Henry go to the funeral. Henry is horrified to learn that Abe is only there to hit on the dead man’s wife. Henry notices Patricia in the graveyard. He and Abe chase her.<P>

Patricia pleads her innocence. Henry mulls ideas that Dwight came clean to Emily after telling her father and that Emily killed him. Henry then realises it was the family lawyer and tricks him. The plan works and he is arrested.<P>

Henry gets into a taxi and is horrified to find that Adam is the driver.<P>

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