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Abe reveals to Henry that he found Abigail as Forever Season 1 Episode 21 begins. She assumed a new name and lived near them all these years. Together they decide to visit her last known address to get more information.

Hanson is shocked to see Jo at the precinct, and she is shocked to learn that Henry took a few personal days. She goes to Lucas to find out why Henry's gone and wonders where Abe's father is if Abe is looking for his mother's last-known whereabouts. 

Henry and Abe drive up to an old house in the middle of nowhere and find Abigail's former landlord. Henry remembers the day they arrived in America fondly when he spies a flower Abigail planted in her landlord's yard. Henry finds a burial plot among the flowers. Jo shows up and brings the case back to the NYPD's jurisdiction. 

When they get the bones back to the lab, they discover that the remains they found do not belong to Abigail Morgan but are the skeleton of a 20-year-old who was brutally murdered and buried there. Abigail's disappearance and the girl's murder are related since Abigail's keys were found with the skeleton.

When Henry and Abe open a box of Abigail's belongings, they discover nothing inside except tchotchkes. The body, however, had received medical care shortly before she died. Jo and Henry trace the girl's injuries back to the hospital where Abigail worked and find a nurse who remembers her. The nurses' memories lead them to a judge whom they believe killed her to cover up his part in a hit-and-run in 1985.

When the liutenant tells Jo to give the case back to Tarrytown, Hanson offers to stop in Westchester county to do more digging. Lucas shows up at Abe's with boxes of dirt from the woman's grave and Henry and Abe show him the basement lab. Henry finds a letter from Abigaill which she intended to mail but never did. While going through the dirt, Lucas finds a tiepin which serves as a clue. 

Henry visits the judge again after recognizing the tiepin as his. He confronts Judge Graves and asks what happened to Abigail before being taken out by security. Jo picks him up from jail and demands to know who Abigail is to him that he's acting this way. She gets a phone call letting her know that Judge Graves has walked into the precinct.

He confesses to knowing Belinda since they were kids and to the hit and run. He maintains that he didn't kill Belinda but her boyfriend might have. Judge Graves delivers the medical file of the man he killed to the police, effectively turning himself in.

Abe finds Henry poring over the letter from Abigail and as they talk, Henry has a revelation. He and Jo drive to Tarrytown to search the root cellar where he believes they will find Abigail's remains. Henry finds a bloody Sheriff's uniform in the cellar just as the Sheriff shows up behind him. Jo re-enters in the nick of time.

The liutenant sends Henry in to interrogate the Sheriff so that Internal Affairs can't say they violated his due process. Henry walks him through the events of the night and solicits a confession. He also learns what happened to Abigail.

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Forever Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Henry: I'll drive.
Abe: Ahh! I'm not letting you get anywhere near my car. Sorry, Dad, but I'm a mortal.

Jo: Did we just accuse a federal judge of murder?
Henry: Damn, did it feel good!