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Jason is seen working in his fathers restaurant. He notices Oliver and his employees and goes to the table and gives him a tip. Cut to five years later and Oliver is holding a speech about Jason and how he has helped the company.

The scene cuts to the present day and Jason's body is lifeless on a sidewalk. Jo and Lucas are having trouble with a stand in medical examiner for Henry. They are delighted when he returns to work.

Jason was killed by trauma to his neck and head. Abe knows his father from his army days and helps out with the investigation.

Henry and Jo go to the company and find Val has already took Jason's office and is having it redecorated. Henry notices blood on the carpet and that the lamp has been moved.

Jo and Henry question Oliver who seems to want to boast about everything.

Melanie informs Henry that Jason had a fight with someone named Kevin. When he and Jo investigate he attempts to run off, but Henry jumps in front of his car and is pushed out of the way by Jo who 'saves' him. She is annoyed at him for putting himself in danger.

Abe finds out that the company is a ponzi scheme and isn't as successful as it appears to be.

Henry and Jo question Val again and he admits that he moved the body, but didn't kill him. Henry and Jo go to Oliver's house with a warrant to search it. Melanie admits to killing Jason, but it turns out that Oliver is wiring her  $20 million to lie for him.

Oliver is arrested for murder and charged.

Jo lies to Joanna that henry is back to his normal self.

Henry and Jo have a heart to heart.

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Forever Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Dad, please. I'm going to report for duty. This is my decision.


There is a risk any time we venture into the unknown. Any time we are compelled for whatever reason to push away the safet, familiar, family and home.