Watch Forever Season 1 Episode 1 online and dig for clues to see if you can solve any of the shows mysteries. Are you ready to witness how it all begins?

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When you watch Forever Season 1 Episode 1 online you'll be engrossed in the mysterious case of how a subway crash killed everyone on board except the immortal Doctor Henry Warden. Someone wanted to prove that Henry couldn't die. Witness as Henry teams up with Detective Jo Martinez to solve what caused the crash. Henry injects the drivers blood into himself in order to know what poison it is so he didn't have to wait on toxicology results. Henry dies upon figuring out it is aconite. Henry also dies again when pushing the killer off of the roof of Grand Central station in order to prevent him from contaminationg the air in the station with a soluble aconite to kill innocent civilians. The killers motive is that his wife was knocked down by a subway driven by the same driver of the ill fated subway. Before pushing him off the roof he manages to shoot and wound Jo who wakes up in hospital convinced Henry also fell off the roof. Henry manages to talk her round into believing she imagined it. Jo picks Henry up for a new case as she declares she has chosen him as her medical examiner.

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Dr. Harry Morgan, a medical examiner, studies to death to solve the mystery of his own immortality on Forever.

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