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-Jason Alexander plays Carter Lang, a billionaire who swindled people out of millions. He finds out he's dying and hires Franklin & Bash to help him return the money to his shareholders.

-Since Carter can't get a hold of the corporate funds, he steals it from his sleazy manager, John Stills. After getting caught streaking and breaking into Stills home, Carter is told he was misdiagnosed and is actually healthy.

-Carter reverts back to his greedy ways and threatens Franklin & Bash if they do not win his case.

-Franklin and Bash trick Carter into testifying that he will return his personal funds to the shareholders and volunteer in Haiti for two years in order to have the charges dropped.

-Karp and Hanna manipulate Pindar into helping them cultivate a wealthy Indian client. The plan backfires when she is repulsed by the toe nail art left by Franklin and Bash.

-Pindar redeems himself by creatively saving the client's business and delivering the information via fortune cookie when he can't attend the meeting in person.

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I have the prostate of a 19 year old but I have the pancreas of a zombie.


Carter: Franklin & Bash LLC. Although you weren't actually a Limited Liability Corporation, were you?
Franklin: Truthfully, we just like the way LLC sounds.