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-Franklin and Bash are under house arrest after having a lightsaber duel in court. They kill the time by throwing a party.

-Infeld's niece, Lily attends and is arrested for possession of marijuana. Karp defends Lily in court and keeps it from Infeld.

-Lily and Peter have sex which makes Janey jealous. Karp is able to use that in court to get Lily sent back to England.

-Carmen is arrested for having contact with her ex-boyfriend, Dante because they are both on parole. Dante stashes $100,000 at Franklin and Bash's home before he flees.

-Pindar defends Carmen in court. He believes he's eaten pot muffins that have treated his anxiety. Jared tells him he ate the wrong muffins and it's all in his head.

-Franklin and Bash convince Dante to return the money and turn himself in, in order to cut a deal for himself and save Carmen. 

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Let's say we call you Christmas and we call you Thanksgiving and later we will spend some time between the holidays.


Well, it's a shame that my niece hasn't had time to meet you until now. She's been safely ensconced in my home, away from you two.