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-Jared Franklin defends Duncan Murrow who is being sued by his sons over the ownership of a priceless baseball. Jared's estranged father, Leonard is opposing counsel.

-Just when it looks like Jared is winning, Duncan dies of a heart attack and the baseball becomes part of his estate. 

-Duncan's daughter buries the ball with him but Leonard has his body exhumed to retrieve the ball. In the casket they find a letter from Duncan saying that the ball should go to whichever of his kids didn't want to dig him up. Therefore the ball will goes to Eileen.

-Leonard says he will appeal, alluding that it is the only way for him to see his son. 

-Franklin and Hanna represent "The Douchey Dad" who is trying to get out of his reality TV show contract. When they can't find another way to win, Hanna instigates a fist fight which gets the Dad fired.

-Jared finds out that his father and Stanton Infeld have a history together.

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I'm always cocky. It's an irritating asset. It works well for me.


The smaller the ball the better the book.