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-Leonard Franklin tries to take over the firm and plans to close the LA office.

-When Peter and Jared try and find out who will vote against Stanton, they find out he only hired them and made them partners because they made the firm less desirable to this type of takeover.

-Leonard flies all of the partners on his side to the vote. Jared and Peter tell him they're disgusted with what Stanton did and will vote with him.

-Peter and Jared turn the flight into a party and the crew must make an emergency landing. The partners are unable to vote. Leonard decides to withdrawal his bid for the firm.

-Emily loses her job when she tries to help Jared. She says she'd like to move to LA and continue their relationship. Jared asks her to move in.

-Due to a clerical error, Peter is disbarred. His friend, Tommy Dale wants to resign from his race for governor but his campaign manager Ely, will sue him.

-Tommy wants to resign before the news breaks that his wife had an affair with Ely's wife but Ely doesn't care.

-In the end, Tommy decides to run but fires Ely with the help of Franklin & Bash.

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Franklin & Bash Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

It makes you an intern and I need someone to sexually harass and get me coffee on the double.


Nice Underoos. Can we go?