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-Judge Kohler is accused of misconduct for having an affair with DA Margaret Pollack starting in 2009. He admits to the affair. They are engaged but it didn't start until 2010 when he stopped hearing her cases in court.

-Kohler asks Franklin & Bash to defend him. They figure out that prison inmate, Julian's conviction would be overturned if Kohler were convicted. 

-Pollack has been tutoring Julian in prison. They've been having an affair. She set up Kohler.  When Franklin & Bash make it look like Pollack was going to run off with Kohler, Julian loses his temper and confesses to their plan.

-Peter and Janie reunite by having sex on her desk but are they ready to rekindle their relationship?

-Damien's college friend Lance is accused of pretending to be gay to win a softball trophy.  Damien defends him but must come to the realization that Lance had a crush on him in college to help him win the case.

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Franklin & Bash Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

He meant ice queen in a good way


Physics prevents sex in any position in a SouthCal airlines bathroom.