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-Henry Strauss wanted his remains plasticized but his wife Martha tries to stop it when she finds out that his body will be put into a dance pose.

-Peter and Jared fight to get her the rights to his body but since Henry was filing for divorce he agrees to the plastination. 

-When Martha finds that Henry paid for a family plot for the two of them overlooking the spot where they met, the boys have his plastinated body deemed art and given back to Martha who poses it at the site.

-Hanna hooks up with Nolan, an artist and court sketch artist she knew in college.

-Damien takes drastic action when Infeld is being stalked by having the supposed stalker threatened.  Turns out Damien was wrong and the stalker is actually the victim of the crime where infield defended the assailant.

-Infeld and the assailant both apologize and the stalking stops.

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Hanna: It's almost impossible to date a man when you're much more successful.
Peter: And snobby.

Dead men tell no contradictory tales? Is that your strategy?