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-Zach Harmon, a minor league baseball player is losing games due to a heckler. Franklin & Bash try to sue the heckler to stop but lose. Then they find out that Zach's teammate paid the heckler to harass Zach so that'd he'd lose and could take his spot.


-Charlie breaks up with Peter as she plans to move. Peter sues her to get her to court to speak with her and the two make up.


-Rachel represents her brother in a fraud case only to find out he may be at fault but there is enough evidence that she wins the case.


-Damien threatens the judge on the gold course when he can't take anymore of his abuse. The man tells Damien he's proud that he stood up for himself and he can have his seat on the bench.


-Later, the judge is dead after many people heard Damien threaten him during his tirade. 

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Hecklers in the majors are a lot worse. Wait till he goes to Philly.


Rachel: Ruined semen. You couldn't have an Alabama lawyer try this case.
Hugh: I do have an Alabama lawyer. You.