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-Peter and Jared take on the case of Don French, a Vietnam veteran who was mistakenly declared dead and is about to lose his home to a real estate developer. 


-Turns out the real estate agent bribed a clerk to declare Gus dead so that they could buy the house at auction and develop the land. 


-When Franklin & Bash reveal the scam in court, the real estate agency gives Gus back his home along with a substantial settlement check. 


-After Pindar burns down their home, Stanton moves the team into his beach front home. 


-Peter is enamored with their attractive neighbor Charlie but she barely gives him the time of day.  After blowing him off several times, she eventually gives him her phone number. 


-Stanton reveals that his strange new behavior is due to him witnessing someone's suicide while on vacation.

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Franklin & Bash Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

I could suffer here.


Gus use to guard a Ming Dynasty imperial tomb.