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-Rob Lowe sues Pindar for invasion of privacy. The suit is eventually dismissed but it leads to evidence that puts Pindy's role int he house fire into question.


-The boys try to confess to setting the fire to save Pindar while Pindar says he's guilty and offers to move back to India to help them. In the end, Franklin & Bash prove the insurance investigator was pursuing the case simply because he wanted to meet their neighbor, Rob Lowe.


-Charlie leaves for San Francisco without saying goodbye to Peter after spending the night with him.


-Rob Lowe drops by and makes amends with Infeld. Then he steals Pindy's Ab Belt.


-When Damien has another shot at being a judge, he and Rachel celebrate by having sex at the office. But later Damien finds out that Rachel discredited him with the judiciary board in order to get the job for herself. In the end, neither of them get the position.

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Only a master can trifle with a beast like Rob.


I went over to Rob's hoping that you would launch a drone and then fly over his house and spy on me.