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-Peter and Jared help defend Harley, a bounty hunter accused of assault. Peter takes a bean bag round to the face to prove how the injuries from the impact could have appeared over an hour after the victim was hit by the shot.


-Later they help take down Paul Fitzgerald helping Tony retrieve his bounty and keep his license.


-Peter runs into Charlie while on a double date with Jared.  Later he spies her at Rob Lowes house and wonders about their relationship.


-Jared and Swatello revisit their relationship and Infeld offers her a position at the firm.


-Pindar's drone goes down on Rob Lowe's property.

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Damien: I've played by the rules my whole life and what has it gotten me?
Rachel: A six figure salary and a partnership at a major law firm.

Dude no, that's the salsa talking.