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Jared slept with Colleen (Peter's mother). They both swear it's a one time thing and that they won't tell Peter. Infeld tells Jared that he must confess all to Peter and if he doesn't Stanton will tell Peter himself. Peter overhears their conversation. When Peter finds he he acts as though he's ok with Jared dating his mother. Then he later explodes in court. Jared apologizes profusely saying how much he hates himself for risking their friendship and the two finally make up.

Pindar returns and says he's getting married to a girl named Bridget who he's been sexting with. Peter and Jared believe it's a scam and put Dan on the case. It turns out that Bridget is real and Pindar is leaving for good.

Damien returns to the firm and hears about Jared sleeping with Peter's mom and plans to hold it over Jared's head forever.

The Diner that the boys love is going to be torn down when Erkert Smith tries to take it over from the owners. Eventually Peter and Jared agree to take the case and have their fee paid in buffalo wings. They manage to prove that the boxcar is an historical landmark and therefore can not be torn down. 


Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Jared: We were young. Mere chicken tenders.
Peter: But now we're the big cocks of the wok.

You should come with evil theme music.