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Peter tries to exercise his veto power when new clients, The Parkers, who own a haunted hotel want them to take on their case. Freddie Silmas sold them the building and didn't disclose that the placer was haunted.

They call in the PIG people. Paranormal Investigation Group. A video from the house has strange sounds, leading Peter and Jared to check it out for themselves. Peter stays outside.

Bonnie, the boys former legal clerk is now opposing council on this case. She and Jared flirt. Later she asked him out and Jared says yes. Peter gives them a week as a couple. 

The boys convince the judge to allow the jury to see the hotel. While there, they meet 97 year old woman who sold the hotel to Freddie Silmas. She tells the story of how her childhood friend died in the house in 1927. Silmas agrees to pay back the purchase price of the hotel as well as fees and damages.

Damien escorts Anita to her Moot Court reunion where she spars with her rival Cheryl Cox. The two agree to have moot court once again to settle their differences but Cheryl forfeits in order to save their friendship. Later Damien tells Anita she was going to lose the verdict otherwise but a video of her telling off Cheryl wins her Chive's hottest attorney award. 

Franklin & Bash
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