Using Bait - Frequency
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A couple of kids run up on a the truck burning. The girl sees a rosary, pulls on it and up comes a hand.

Frank is pissed he was so close and scared the Nightingale away. Frank's certain of the victim they found. Carmen Salinas. Satch tries talking sense into Frank, but who believes Satch now?

Raimy gets to Frank late, and he ribs her about potentially having a man at the house. She gets annoyed. He's just kidding. He's mad at himself because of how badly he screwed up with the Nightingale. Up next is Amanda Baldwin and they have to catch him.

Raimy's new friend Kyle has made her breakfast and wants to give her a ride to work. She's late. She'll take the subway. Daniel is on it. Raimy promises she's not stalking him, wonders if he believes in kismet. Doesn't it seem like they might have met in another life? Um. No. 

Frank can't get anyone to buy into his thoughts on Amanda.

Someone in prison asked specifically for Det. Sullivan. Satch sends her to see Carl Pierce. He's a smart ass. He has a special friend. Him. He talks to himself. In the future.

He begins talking to her about quantum physics. He built a communication device. She wonders why his future self didn't tell him how to stay out of prison.

Julie is upset there's a new detail waiting out in front of the house. She's just angry about what Raimy might think instead of her safety. Or that her date might be upset.

Steve Fishman drove drunk and innocent children died. In every eventuality, no matter what his present self did, the outcome was the same. It might have changed by an hour, a day or a year, but Steve Fishman still drove drunk and killed six kids. 

Cut a brand and another one grows. Carl wants access to his machine so he can help Raimy save lives.

Stan wants to know what Frank knows about Little J's product being back on the street. Something about Ricky. Frank's like, dude, I was playing a role, undercover. But when Stan walks away, Frank calls someone. Ricky?

Satch takes that night on a stakeout to ask Frank about seeing a therapist. There is a woman wearing scrubs and a dude following. Turns out he's only selling bootleg CDs.

Carl has serious anger issues. He recreated his machine in the machine shop at prison, but when another dude touched it and Carl poked his eye out. 

Frank decides to tell Amanda what's going on. Raimy is seriously annoyed. There are four hours before she's abducted. Just wait! Frank can't do that. Who will be right?

Amanda was saved, but Frank was seen and discovered. He was made. He saw boots while the guy dropped his wallet back to the ground. In the present, Raimy sees Amanda has a full life. 

Frank had someone while he was undercover. It's not going away like he thought it would. There are tears in his eyes as he talks about it.

Raimy goes back to Carl. She thinks he sees her as an easy mark. Carl says it's going to happen again. He's certain of it. She says he has one hour. She gets a call from the station. Amanda has been killed by the Nightingale. On Amanda's TV? A clip of Raimy playing over and over.

Carl killed a dude.

All Raimy can come up with is you have to cut off the trunk. Kill the Nightingale. But since they don't really know who that is, they could be inadvertently turning Frank into a serial killer.

Satch returns Frank's wallet. Something is missing. Raimy's photo?

Julie delivers to Frank cookies that Raimy made. Julie admits to Frank she's scared, and she feels safer when he's on shift outside the house. Please be there more.

Julie gives to Frank a package Stan brought by. It's photos of of Frank and his undercover lover.

Kyle left food for Raimy. Asked her to call if she's up for dessert. She calls Daniel instead.

The photo found on Amanda was a family picture taken from Frank's wallet.


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Frequency Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Carl: I talk to myself.
Raimy: Shocker.
Carl: In the future. Is that something you'd be interested in?

Frank: You sound winded. Just come back from a run?
Raimy: No. I slept in late.
Frank: Did you take my advice?
Raimy: About what?
Frank: Having a life.
Raimy: Are you asking me if I have a guy here?
Frank: I don't know. Do ya?