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Raimy wants Frank to go back to Goff's house to check the outbuilding. He might have taken Maya. Frank wants evidence, but Raimy doesn't have time for that.

Satch is skeptical about going back to Jersey, but he will be humoring Frank.

Raimy is looking for Maya Elise Gowan when the computer goes wonky. She asks her coworker to search for her. She's been missing for 20 years. In '96, she's still stumbling through the woods.

Frank and Satch are just getting to the Goff house to check on the shed. Mrs. Goff is protecting her son screaming get out, while Frank equals her screams wondering if she always cleans her cellars with bleach. They see a bare footprint in the dirt outside the shed.

Raimy is asking the guy at work to refresh his computer like she's watching the end of an Ebay auction. Frank finds her and the computer updates. Found and Rescued.

The fate of Thomas Goff, however, isn't so good. He's still active.

Raimy's still learning the ropes of how this whole parallel time thing works.

Raimy is adamant Goff is their man. Frank needs evidence. They talk about mourning a woman Raimy thinks is coming back and how weird this all is.

Raimy and Gordo chat, but he's with his kid, so he can't go out with her for a slice. She goes alone and remembers meeting Daniel.

The bartender buys her a shot. He went to high school with her mom. She was the best.

Frank and Satch question Maya. She asked Goff straight out if he was the Nightingale. He smiled and told her she wasn't the first one.

Frank gets ready to take Raimy on a movie night while Julie worries.

Raimy questions Mrs. Goff about Thomas and his whereabouts. She doesn't believe Thomas is the Nightingale killer, even though they have DNA evidence from 11 of the victims.

Raimy promises Mrs. Goff Thomas' safety if she can bring him in. If not, he'll likely get his head blown in.

Little Raimy is asking her daddy if he almost died while he makes her gummy cakes, her favorite from when she was five. It's been a while.

Satch comes in and says he and Frank have to go. They have Goff. Raimy is incredibly disappointed.

Raimy finds Goff and arrests him after a fight.

While on a stakeout, Frank learns Julie already found out Raimy was alone and is on her way to pick her up.

Raimy discovers Goff doesn't remember the names of his victims, which really pisses off Raimy.

While she's beating him up in the present, Frank and Satch are chasing him down in the past. Will he disappear right before Raimy's eyes?

Yep. Goff jumps in front of a car in the past, killing himself.

Raimy is surprised to see the flowers still at home. Goff wasn't the Nightingale. Julie didn't come back. Raimy is mad at Frank because he let her get excited about the possibility they might get Julie's killer. She says Frank can't be allowed to call her out. On his part, he was just excited to have her back.

Raimy and Gordo go out and he wonders why she chose that place. Then Daniel walked right in.

Apparently in this new timeline, Raimy didn't frequent the same bar she always did. Maybe she found it because Daniel did.

Raimy looks up Maya Gowen's Facebook page, realizing it didn't matter if Goff was the Nightingale or not.

Meanwhile, the Nightingale is watching Julie outside her house.

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Frequency Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Raimy: You know it's not called babysitting when it's your own kid, right?
Frank: Oh, really? I must have missed that in the book on parenting you wrote.

Raimy: Everybody wants a memorial for her, they want to mourn her. Of course they do. And I'm the freak who's saying no because...because we're going to get her back.
Frank: I'm not going to let anything happen to your mother, OK?