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Fresh Off the Boat Canceled at ABC

Fresh Off the Boat Canceled at ABC

ABC is pulling the plug on Fresh Off the Boat after six seasons. The hit comedy will conclude earlier than planned. Get all the details right here.
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Fresh Off the Boat is an ABC sitcom that centers on hip-hop loving Eddie, an 11-year old who is new to Orlando and whose Asian-American family is experiencing some culture shock.

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Randall Park, Paul Scheer

Fresh Off the Boat Quotes

Louis: Are you ready to do this?
Mitch:: Not really, I feel like I've told you numerous times, I don't want to do this but all you do is smile and nod.
Louis: [Smiles and nods]
Mitch: You're doing it.
Louis: [Smiles and nods[
Mitch: See, you're doing it

If you get lost, try to find a white family. You will be safe there until I can find you.