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Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 1: Help Unwanted

Fresh Off the Boat Review: Help Unwanted

On Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 1 Evan experiences his first bout of "the tingles," Jessica and Honey are learning boundaries, and someone has to give "the talk."
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Fresh Off the Boat is an ABC sitcom that centers on hip-hop loving Eddie, an 11-year old who is new to Orlando and whose Asian-American family is experiencing some culture shock.

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Randall Park, Paul Scheer

Fresh Off the Boat Quotes

Louis: Are you ready to do this?
Mitch:: Not really, I feel like I've told you numerous times, I don't want to do this but all you do is smile and nod.
Louis: [Smiles and nods]
Mitch: You're doing it.
Louis: [Smiles and nods[
Mitch: See, you're doing it

If you get lost, try to find a white family. You will be safe there until I can find you.