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Louis brings Jessica into the restaurant to sing to boost business but she's unexpectedly hard on the staff and customers. She chastises customers for overfilling on sprig parsley and the waitstaff for eating croutons from the salad bar or using up too many napkins.

On the homefront, Eddie thinks he might be in the clear from his overbearing mother because he bought home straight A's on his report card. To his surprise, his mother is angry because she thinks the school is too easy.

Jessica marches to the principal's office and asks him to put her kids through a more rigorous curriculum but the principal merely offers to put them in an afterschool program.

Louis realizes this could be the answer to his problems. In an effort to get rid of Jessica's overbearing restaurant presence, he suggests Jessica tutor her kids through her own version of CLC (Chinese Learning Center) for the kids at home. Jessica takes the bait.

Eddie eventually sees through his dad's plan and convinces Jessica to return to the restaurant.

They both lose out as Jessica decides to continue CLC at the restaurant.

Louis finally stands up to Jessica and tells her she doesn't want her there which leads to a public argument in front of the customers. Louis insists that he can be good at business by being nice to his customers.

Unfortunately, his point is negated by three young customers who dine and dash, sticking the restaurant with the loss. Jessica inadvertantly bumps into the three young punks on her way home and hits them with her car. Although this is accidental, she makes them go back to the restaurant and pay but as a gift to Louis, they're to tell him that they did this on her own volition.

Louis feels better about his optimism in humanity and everyone plays basketball together.


"What did your mama say" "She gave you an alligator with sunglasses" "And to you"


"Excuse me can I have the check please."

"No, I'm sorry my son just got straight As and I told my wife I love her, please bear with us, we're going through a rough patch""

Fresh Off the Boat
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Fresh Off the Boat Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Customer: Excuse me. Can I have the check please?
Louis: I'm sorry. My son just got straight A's and I told my wife I love her. We're going through a rough patch. Bear with us, please.

Emory: No, a rain cloud is good
Jessica: What are you, a farmer?