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Eddie's classmates are impressed that he had a sensual hug with Honey. They invite him to a sleepover which would be great if his mom didn't forbid it. She thinks his classmaters' parents could be pedophiles.

As a compromise, Jessica says Eddie could participate in the sleepover if it happens at their house, but Eddie's classmates aren't sold on moving it to Eddie's house. As a last ditch effort, Eddie promises the guys a dirty movie.

In the meantime, Eddie gets a lot of customers at his restaurant which for some odd reason means he should make sure he gets a sexual harassment seminar. Jessica offers to lead the seminar but she ends up doing a poor job.

As a result, they bring in an outsider played by Brett Gellman who's a bit off the wall. As a result, a sexual harassment video tape is shown in the work place and the Huangs take it home with them. 

Eddie's classmates come over for a sleepover and without a sex tape, he uses the sexual harassment tape as a hail mary attempt. Surprisingly enough, his classmates buy it and are sufficiently titillated. 

Not only that, the kids have started to take the tape and make copies of it so they can watch it at home. They start mimicking the sexual harassment techniques used in the video as things you should try to avoid.

The principal sees this behavior and concludes that its clear that the kids at his school don't have a good understanding of sex. As a result, he orders all parents to have "the talk with their kids." Louis gives the talk to Eddie which leads to a better understanding between the two.





Fresh Off the Boat
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Fresh Off the Boat Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

We apologize if some of you felt sexually harrassed by out last sexual harrassment training session


Honey: Uh, are we still going to the movies?
Jessica: Only if there's something with Denzel. Movie theaters are a hot bed for disease.
Honey: Crimson Tide is playing
Jessica: I'll start the car