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Jessica's sister Connie visits with her mother, husband Steve, and son Justin in tow.

Even in adulthood, it's clear that the two have a rivalry over their mother's affections. As a child, Jessica was the favorite, but Connie's determined to rectify that by showing that she and her husband have a more successful business than Louis and Jessica.

Louis wants to show his brother-in-law (he used to be his employee) that the Cattleman's Ranch is a success.

Louis and Jessica get success perms which is apparently a thing Asians do to show (curly hair equals a sign of affluence) to show off to Connie and her family. Things get ugly fast when Connie wants to go discount shopping with her mother and show her better bargains. This begins a fast-escalating rivalry.

In the meantime, Eddie struggles to understand his cousin who is now as into grunge music as Eddie is into hip-hop.

Eddie's brother-in-law Steve wants to see the restaurant one night earlier than Louis had planned and he is now desperate to fill up the restaurant so he tells Mitch to fill the restaurant with whomever he could find. Connie and her family see through his ruse after it's discovered that the chef and waiter were forced to pretend to be customers.

Connie gloats in pride until it's revealed that Steve is behind on his payments and his Ferrari is repoed.

As things are falling apart, Connie and Jessica bond over the fact that being mother's favorite is more difficult than it's worth anyway.











Fresh Off the Boat
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Fresh Off the Boat Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Emery: Why can't we stay on the couch
Jessica: Because then your aunt and uncle will know that we don't have enough bedrooms [sighs] and they must never know that.

The way my parents were acting you would have thought Maria Carey was coming to visit. I mean a pre-Nick Cannon in a Washington Wizards dress Mariah Carey