Evan and Emery - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 6
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The crew is back with an additional face, Matthew Chestnut. If you're an original fan of Fresh Off the Boat then maybe you remember him from a few seasons ago.

Chestnut was Louis' old business partner who abandoned him after he opened up his own business. Typical Louis invited Chestnut back with open arms and immediately put him back into a managing position.

Poor Trent and Eddie went back to taking commands from Chestnut who had been gone for over a year and had no idea how much the restaurant had evolved since.

Jessica's new classes have rubbed off on her as she worked hard to implement LIE, her new acronym when interacting with people. She tried hard to help Louis find his new passion beyond Cattleman's and just as she helped him figure it out, Chestnut changed Louis' path. 

This led Jessica to join forces with Eddie and Trent to try and get Chestnut to pack his bags. 

Meanwhile, Emery prepared for his new play and read women's writing to gain a new feminist perspective on the world. While doing so he became aware of all the sexist comments and biases he, Marvin, and Evan were all at fault for. 

The three take on lessons in etiquacy and feminism to learn how to properly treat women.

After Louis found out the real reason behind Jessica's interest in the restaurant he feels hurt thinking she isn't one hundred percent backing him up. She opened up his mind in realizing that his failures in finding his passion were actually the thing he was best at. 

He found his passion was indeed planting the seeds of ideas in others and helping them with their own success. 

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Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

One woman's trash, another man's treasure.


Tall order. We're talking about a guy who still calls Germany Prussia.