Jessica and the boys - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 10
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It's Christmas season on this episode of Fresh Off the Boat, aka the day after Thanksgiving. Jessica's already in the holiday spirit and has her long list of Christmas to do's stretching her thin. 

In an attempt to alleviate her stresses so they can finally go ice skating, Louis tries to help. Although, Jessica is very particular on her Christmas decorations and traditions. 

Louis' help becomes a stressor and instead ruins her Christmas. 

Meanwhile, Honey confides in the boys to take care of Marvin's Maritime Nutcracker and they end up breaking it. 

Evan and Eddie get Emery to work as an elf at the mall to try and make money to buy a new Nutcracker. 

After Evan sees how much distress the new job puts on Emery he decides to steal the Nutcracker instead.

The scenes split between Jessica's dreamland, Jessica Town, and reality. In Jessica Town, she's the mayor and makes all the rules. The butcher, Louis, does everything differently, but somehow appeals to everyone. 

This dream world parallels the lessons Jessica is learning in her own life as she learns that Christmastime isn't about being perfect, but spending time with her family and enjoying it no matter what might go wrong. 

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Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

I mean look at this calligraphy. It could have come straight from the Vatican.


And I don't meet the age and height requirements for elf duty, which feels backward, but hey, rules are rules.