Eddie in pajamas - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4
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Eddie's celebrating his 6 months with his girlfriend Tina and she's itching for more than just a small gift. 

Tina wants to meet Jessica and despite Eddie's aversion to the two meeting, Tina takes matters into her own hands. 

Meanwhile, Louis is also itching for a change. He's realized that Cattleman's Ranch is a past dream and he's looking for something new. 

Perhaps a midlife crisis? 

Emery works with Louis to find his next chapter, but as he goes through the cycle of a barber, tour guide, and motivational speaker, he only finds discouragement. 

Until Emery swoops in and helps Louis realize he already has what he needs in him to find his next chapter. 

The situation takes a turn for the worst, for Eddie. He originally thought the worst situation would be for Jessica to hate Tina, but he soon finds out he was far from wrong. His worst nightmare comes to life and instead Jessica and Tina get along all too well.

Eddie works to try and break them up, but his plan again backfires. 

They both admit to working extra hard to try and get along for Eddie's sake.

Louis learns that he's exactly where he should be. There's no need for a new chapter. 

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Never estimate a ginger.

Grandma Huang

It's like Roe versus Wade in there.