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The Panthers win their playoff game 30-10, and are savoring the victory. That is, until Coach Mac McGill talks to the press.

His comments - that players like Smash are fearless, like "junkyard dogs," but aren't equipped to play a position like quarterback - quickly set the talk radio lines ablaze and have some residents of the town up in arms.

Smash and his family are looking at a new house, and he doesn’t really see the big deal people are making about Mac. Smash’s mom, too, is worried more about the house they want to buy and whether they can do it.

After feeling pressured to speak out against Mac, Smash tells Waverly that he’s not Jesse Jackson. He just went through some real drama (steroids) and can’t worry about this racial stuff right now.

Mac goes on TV and he makes a public apology for the statements he made during his interview. Some of the black players do not like the apology, however, feeling it was forced and insincere. Smash and some others are still unconcerned, though, and pledge to move on.

Tyra is walking with Julie Taylor (Aimee Teegarden) down the hall, still complaining about the Powderpuff game they have to participate in. But when Lyla makes a joke about Tyra, she decides she’s going to get REAL serious about Powderpuff this year.

The Powderpuff game is on, with Matt and Tim coaching the ladies. Julie is the quarterback for Matt’s team and Lyla is at the helm of Tim’s team. Tim is screaming at his team and coaching them like a true taskmaster. Matt is more reserved... and kind of like his bumbling self.

Tyra looks up in the stands and notices Buddy talking to her mother. On the next play, Tyra rushes Lyla and tackles her hard, rather than just pulling her flag. Tyra is pissed at Lyla because of her mom, but Lyla still thinks she's still bent out of shape about Lyla and Tim.

The game is tied 14-14, and Matt’s team has one more play to run. Julie calls a play that her dad went over with her prior to the game - a sprint option down the field. Julie scores and the winning TD for Team Saracen.

Herc and Jason hang out a bar, with Jason having been invited to training camp for the National Quad Rugby Team in Austin. Herc warns him that the training is rigorous and that they have four open spots.

Lyla Garrity asks Jason if he thinks she’s spoiled. Jason jokes that she is, but only a little. Jason tells Lyla that he was invited to Quad Rugby training camp. He wants to go to Austin and try out, possibly even if it means dropping out of school.

Mrs. Williams receives a shock when she is not able to get the house that she pre-qualified for. Smash and his mother are upset that the loan was rescinded and accuse the bank of racism. Smash gets riled up, but his mom sets him straight about acting out in public.

Meanwhile, Tami is running her Forum to talk about the racial tension. Tami wants everyone to talk and listen, not argue. Landry says life is about how people socialize and relate, not their DNA. Waverly wants to talk about Mac and says people can't act like racism doesn’t exist.

A bigger argument soon erupts between the whites and blacks in the forum, and it escalates to the point where Tami has to break it up. Tami returns home exhausted and frustrated. She tells Eric about it, and he says he is proud because she did a good thing today.

Later, Mac is watching game film when Smash walks in and wants to talk. Mac doesn’t want to talk to Smash, period, and threatens to bench Smash if he continues to bring up what Mac said.

Motivated by what happened to his mom and Mac's surliness, Smash holds a meeting with the black members of the team. Waverly gives him the keys to the church so he can use it as a meeting place.

The next day at practice, Matt is talking to Smash about maybe talking to the team. Smash dismisses him. As Mac asks the team to start drills on his whistle, everyone runs accept Smash and the players who met with him the night before.

In protest of Mac and his remarks, they don’t run. Instead, the remove their helmets and walk slowly off the practice field defiantly.

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