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The district continues its investigation regarding Voodoo Tatum's eligibility. If the team is found guilty, Dillon would be forced to forfeit last week's victory.

Meanwhile, Voodoo isn't helping his own cause. He gets into it at the sandwich shop with others Panthers, specifically calling safety Bobby Reyes a "wetback." Matt's nerdy pals Landry and Kurt are caught also talking trash about the football team, but certainly not in any racist manner. But a heated Reyes overhears Kurt and beats him to a pulp in the parking lot.

Bobby is arrested the next day a practice for assault.

At the rehab center, Jason tells Lyla how horny he is, but the nurse warns the former football star about something: sex/ejaculating could be bad for someone in his condition. That will just kill a guy's mood. After this visit, Lyla tells Tim they have to stop seeing each other. Gee, you think, sweetie?!?

In jail, Reyes scared lies to Coach Taylor about his incident with Kurt Caster. He claims Kurt - not Voodoo - was the one who called him a wetback and started the fight. Reyes also goes on the news and recites the same BS story. Naturally, Landry wants Matt to call out his fibbing teammate, but the quarterback feels stuck.

After much deliberation, Saracen visits Coach Taylor at his house and tells him Caster didn't say anything racist; not because he was a witness but because he's known Kurt a long time and Caster was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Coach Taylor then goes to Kurt's house and promises no football player will bother him again. Her confronts Reyes, kicks him off the team and recommends him to visit the guidance office to work on anger problems.

Back to the Voodoo problem now: Buddy is good friends with someone on the board. After a brief meeting with Garrity, Coach Taylor and this board member takes place, a voice over the load speaker at school announces Voodoo is clearedand the Panthers' victory from the previous week remains intact.

A day or two later, though, Buddy tells the coach that Voodoo went back to Louisiana; before he left, Tatum interviewed with the local news and told them he only lived in Dillon for two weeks and paints a very bad picture (for Dillon) of how he was given preferential treatment.

We close the hour with Jason calling Tim and asking why he been around to visit in six weeks. He asks what happened to those famous Riggins' words between them: [We'll be] "living large in Texas, and Texas forever."

Jason tells Tim he expects him there with him. At that, Riggins takes Jason and Lyla for a ride in his truck. They end up going to the lake, getting some fresh air on a boat, having a lovely evening. But after Jason gets dropped off, he notices his best friend and girlfriend in a long hug in the parking lot.

Friday Night Lights
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Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Answer me this, Timmy. What happened to Texas forever, huh? What happened to livin' large, what happened to that eternal bond that you used to love to throw around when I was still healthy and headed towards the NFL, huh? I NEED you here, Tim! I need you.

Jason Street

I expect... I expect you here. You were my best friend. Grace period's over.

Jason Street