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The town of Dillon doesn't have a lot of confidence in Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford). But with Jason still in the hospital, unable to move, Coach Taylor has little choice but to get his young quarterback ready to play.

We learn that Matt works at the local fast food shop, while also taking care of his elderly grandmother. How come? His father is fighting in Iraq.

Also trying to fight for the life she knew before is Lyla. She often visits Jason and tells him everything will be okay. But Riggins cannot bring himself to do the same. He drinks a lot and has yet to visit his injured best friend.

As Tim falls further and further off the wagon, Tyra grows frustrated. And lonely. She even goes home with Smash and starts to fool around... before Mrs. Smash walks in and yells at her son and his latest hook-up.

Finally, doctors diagnose Jason's injury. His spinal cord was damaged. He'll never walk again. The news shocks the coach, the town, the team.

But there's still a game to play. Coach Taylor picks Matt up the night before, takes him to the field and tries to build his confidence. As the kick-off of the game begins, the show ends...

Friday Night Lights
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Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

My eyes were open sir. My eyes were wide open!


I seen my granddaddy make better blocks playing checkers.