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Let's do this recap player by player, event by event...

Smash: The Panthers play Gatling the this week. Because Smash is a native of that town, he still has friends and family there. Our desperate running back, sadly, shoots up before church. Later, he brings up his dad in front of his mother, but she disallows him to talk about his father who gave him the name "Smash" after he crashed into the hot water heater.

Once this confrontation is over with, Smash gets light-headed lifting weights with his sister. She rushes him to the hospital and learns about the "pick-me-ups" he's taking. Before the big game, meanwhile, Smash goes back to Gatling and visits family. His mom confides in a friend that she might be better off with Smash's dad dead.

We discover that Mr. Williams was a criminal and a charmer - but that he's also be proud of Smash. It's a nice moment when Smash and his mother make up.

Matt and Julie: Julie and Matt plan their first date, as Landry takes Matt shopping for retro clothes because that's what he thinks all the girls like. Of course, Coach Taylor has to get his words of warning in before Julie is taken out, so he tells Saracen: "Hey, my daughter and I talk... a lot."

For the big night, Matt picks Julie up with a member's only jacket on. Funny stuff. At the movie theater, Matt tires to use his status as "QB1" to get tickets, but the girl working doesn't care very much about this. At this moment, though, Landry calls Matt to say his grandmother isn't doing well. So the date is cut short because Matt has to take care of her, but Julie gets to see a sweet, sensitive side to this Dillon Panther.

Tim and Tyra: Tyra confronts Lyla about Jason punching out Tim. Rumors fly around school about the reason for this dust-up and it becomes apparent to all just what went down. To defend their hurt QB's honor, a gang of Panthers take a bat to Riggins' truck later that night,. The following day, Trya bitch slaps Tim.

Jason and Lyla: Lyla goes to see Jason at rehab. He's taking down all pics of them as a couple, along with other Panther memorabilia. Lyla tries to apologize, but Jason will have none of it. When Jason asks if her and Tum had sex, she nods yes.

Also, Street continues quad rugby training. Coach Taylor visits Jason and tells him he doesn't have to be alone with the Lyla situation. He also asks if he's ever considered coaching football.

The Game: The "Black Hole" defense of the Gatling Eagles is lead by Junior Salvario. This unit gets a safety against Dillon in the fourth quarter to go up 2-0, as people yell at Lyla about Riggings, calling her a slut.

Buddy Garitty is all over the situation. As Lyla flees the scene and cries to her father, he actually seems like a comforting presence. Back on the field, Tim makes a key block as Smash runs for a touchdown and time expires. To celebrate the victory, Matt kisses Julie. Tami witnesses.

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