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A pair of dueling storylines open this episode: Tim and Lyla are making out at Tim's house. They've slept together; Voodoo and Coach Taylor have a talk behind closed doors, where Voodoo makes the following comments: he's not in Dillon to make friends, it's not his home and his only goal is perform on the field and get into LSU.

Meanwhile, Tyra meets a young handsome business men named Conner at Applebee's. He's in town from Los Angeles to appraise the oil fields around Dillon. While the two are scheduled to have dinner the following night, Tyra shows up at his hotel room and they have intercourse.

In another growing romance - but nothing close to being that naked together - Matt and Julie show more interest in each other. Also showing interest in something? Jason goes to watch his roommate Herc play quad rugby. He discovers that this fella was once an Olympian.

Because Voodoo is also such a great athlete, Coach Taylor feels the need to start him. But he doesn't trust him like he trusts Saracen. Nevertheless, Tatum is the choice.

On the way to the game, the team stops by to see Jason. It's the first time Riggins has seen his friend in the hospital. Emotions overflow, Lyla kisses her boyfriend and the squad leaves for the contest.

Voodoo starts the game and doesn't listen to Coach Taylor. He changes a play and runs it in for a touchdown - but on the next series, he throws an interception off an audible. At halftime, the coach blows up at his quarterback and kicks him off the team.

The second half is tough, as Riggins, Smash, and Saracen step to give the Panthers a chance. With seven seconds remaining, Dillon runs a reverse to Tim and Matt makes a key block. The team is down by one... but decide to go for two! Good for them.

Smash gets the ball and leaps in for the win. While the town celebrates the next day, though, two men in suits tell Coach Taylor that an investigation is underway regarding the eligibility of Voodoo. Uh-oh.

Friday Night Lights
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