The Lyla/Tim affair is well known by all. And Lyla is suffering the consequences: she eats alone at the cafeteria, only to be joined by Tim. Moments later Tyra stops Tim, and despite her disdain for Lyla, also tells him it was a mistake for him to sit with her.

Smash, meanwhile, meets Waverly, the daughter of a local preacher. She proves to be a quick-witted gal who had no time for Smash's bravado, even telling him not to speak in the third person. The Panther, however, also seems to question whether this girl really spent the last year in African or not. Seems like laying the seed for some future plot line.
The most entertaining part of the hour was the burgeoning Matt/Julie relationship story, which manages to continually be cute without being overly cheesy. Two began to try to see each other more and more. Of course, Coach Taylor isn't too pleased that these two are getting along so well, and Kyle Chanlder does an amazing job of conveying his concerned/angry/protective reaction.

It's especially humorous when Saracen tries to be a tough guy and says, "You can't stop us from going out." Oh yes, Taylor basically says, he can.

Throughout the episode, the cheerleaders are giving Lyla a hard time. So much so that she quits the squad because a website is created that makes fun of her But Riggins convinces his former fling to return in time for an important competition.

And that's where we find Lyla at the end. She comes back strong for her team - and guess who's watching from the stands proudly: Jason.

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Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

[to Jason] "There's no weakness in forgiveness."

Tami Taylor

"Watch the curb... Whoever you are!"

Tami Taylor