Picking up where we left off, Buddy is an ass to Jason.

Buddy goes off on Jason about "murder ball" and how people can not make a living from it, so it must be a hobby. Jason tells the Garritys that he's going to make the national team and Lyla with him - they're engaged, and have already picked out a ring!

So much for keeping that on the down low.

At Applebee's, the team gathers and Matt Saracen reluctantly gets called up in front of the crowd. Matt then gets pushed into car full of other Panther football players and they all go out, leaving Julie Taylor behind.

Tyra gives Julie a ride home... but only after picking up Tyra's sister, Mindy, at the strip club where she works. Tyra confides to Julie that her sister's biggest customer is none other than Buddy Garrity!

Jason apologizes to Lyla for blowing up at her dad. Lyla tells Jason she imagened her wedding at age 25. Lyla accepts, but admits she has second thoughts about getting married. She has a life, too, and doesn't want to make a mistake because of their youth and innocence.

Rather than attending a concert with Julie, as he promised to, Matt and Coach Taylor appear on a local TV show to talk football. Matt also asks Julie to watch his grandma. The TV appearance doesn't exactly go well for Matt, whose articulateness is not one of his better attributes.

Saracen's night gets worse yet when the rally girls round up Tim and Matt in the middle of the night and go to a "charity party." Matt ends up in a hot tub with a bunch of babes posing for a calendar.

All this happens while Julie is with his Grandma. Later, Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) comes over to Matt's house and drinks wine with them. Tyra dispenses wisdom to Julie on how to deal with Matt - and boys in general.

Tim finds himself in court for not paying traffic tickets, and is forced to contact his father, who he hasn't seen in years, to sign the ticket, as he's a minor. Tim finds dad in the familiar spot - the golf course.

They catch up, even though Tim's visit with his dad forces him to miss two practices. Tim and his dad talk about Jason Street and tell other stories around a fire.

They play golf the next day and make a bet - if Tim wins, his pop has to visit Dillon. Tim loses, then gets bitter when his father shows no interest in visiting regardless. Tim leaves.

Coach Taylor and Jason go to their first court appearance in the lawsuit. Coach talks to Jason before entering the courtroom about Lyla. Jason says he's sure, Lyla is not.

Suspended from live action, Smash is acting as the team manager, folding the towels and getting the playbooks ready for the team. Smash shows him the results of a clean drug test, and runs all night long and works out like a madman to stay in game shape.

Later in the episode, Coach Taylor visits Smash at home. They talk about life and remember why they love this game in the first place. Then they play a little touch with kids in Smash's neighborhood.

A day before the playoff game, Coach calls Smash into his office and tells him he's starting at tailback Friday. Smash is shocked. Coach says, "What the hell, you want a hug or something? Get out of here."

As game time approaches, Smash says a prayer in the huddle and the team gets fired up as is its custom. As they run out of the tunnel to take the field, Billy grabs Tim and asks for an extra ticket. It's for their dad - who showed up to watch game unannounced.

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