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At the pep rally for that week's game, Tim can't stop staring at Lyla. Word gets around that Tyra has dumped him, just as Voodoo Tatum shows up at the party. This new QB led his team to the state title in Louisiana last year. Matt's job could be in trouble.

Voodoo isn't making friends with Smash, either, as the two of them have a beef over what songs play on the stereo.

Meanwhile, students from Arnett Mead - Dillon's opponent this Friday - break into the Panthers locker room, spray painting and vandalizing the area. The coach tells the players not to retaliate. Back at his home, Tami asks Coach Taylor what time he’ll be home on Friday and the coach says he has a scrimmage. But Julie has a dance recital her dad has obviously forgotten about and this doesn't sit well with either Taylor woman.

At the hospital: Jason is being lifted out of his bed and placed into a wheelchair. This is when we meet Herc, a wheelchair veteran with a rude attitude.

He's essentially the opposite of Matt, who's talking to his senile grandmother. She asks him if his father is coming to dinner tonight. We're then taken to a scene at school the next day, where Saracen is speaking to his father via video conference. The discussions turns to who is starting for the Panthers on Friday and Henry Saracen isn't overly supportive of his son's chances.

Over on the practice field, Matt is running the first string offense. Partly because Voodoo isn't even at practice yet. When he does finally show, Coach Taylor yells at the new player, but Tatum says nary a word - he does, however, play very well and this leads to a gloating Buddy Garrity touting Voodoo's talents to anyone that will listen.

At school, Lyla pulls Tim aside and tells him that she’s having feelings. She said that her feelings are coming from Jason and are all related to Jason. The kiss, in other words, meant nothing.

That night is the traditional rivalry party at the coach's house. And there's a huge crowd for it. While Tami puts on an admirable, happy front, she's seething inside over how little her husband has helped put together the shindig. There's a cute scene in which she tells Eric this, while still promising to be the good coach's wife. Meanwhile, Matt is trying to talk to Julie. Does out boy have a crush?

Someone from Arnett Mead throws a brick through the window of the house.

That incident leads Smash and Tim go to pick up Matt and take him over to the Arnett quarterback's home for revenge. Once there, all get out with baseball bats and begin to bash the quarterback's Mustang. But only Matt remains, taking out pent up rage on the car, when the player comes out and sees his face.

At the school, Coach Taylor walks into his wife’s guidance counselor office and apologizes by saying “I’m sorry that you’re mad at me”. Tami doesn’t accept that apology. Tami tries to tell Coach Taylor about her job and how hard it is to talk to kids instead of just yelling at them. Coach Taylor still doesn’t understand what he put her through with the surprise rivalry party and walks out of the office.

Coach Taylor makes the team run.... and run and run as a result of the car beatdown from the night before. But he still doesn't know who was behind it. Unfortunately for Saracen, the kids from Arnett Mead do. They track him down at work and beat him bloody in the parking lot.

Matt calls Coach Taylor from the hospital. The coach agrees to pick up his player, but then must take him to Julie's dance recital. It's a bit awkward. Coach Taylor tells Matt that he’s a different kid from two weeks ago. He tells Matt that he can do anything he puts his mind to.

As the episode closes: Tim is in Lyla’s room. He tells her that he can’t stop thinking about her. They seriously go at it.

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Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Y'all want a Swizzler?

Matt Saracen

I think I just told that kid to get our daughter in the backseat of a car.

Eric Taylor