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This episode begins in the police department interrogation room. Landry is telling them what happened. The detective is being decent and is trying to lead Landry into admitting that he was afraid for Tyra.

The detective leaves the room to supposedly get the video camera, but walks out to tell Landry's dad what's going on, and that he's not helping himself. Landry's dad takes him home, over Landry's objections.

Matt and Carlotta, the nurse, are getting it on in Matt's bed when Grandma walks in. Matt manages to cover Carlotta's head before Grandma sees her.

Tami is freaking over details of baby Grace's Christening. She's giving out tasks and is basically getting all worked up. Julie makes some comment and they start arguing. Again.

Coach escapes to his office and finds Tim there. As part of Tim's penance, he's being assigned crap work for the Athletic Director, who happens to be Eric. First on the agenda - washing the the varsity girls uniforms. At practice, Eric has Santiago playing defense. It's not a pretty picture.

Jason and Herc are in Jason's room surfing internet dating sites.

Street finds a girl there he is interested in. Jason's mom just walks into his room with a snack for the boys and when she leaves, Herc tells Jason that he has to get out of his mama's house.

Landry's dad goes to talk to Tyra about Landry.

He tells her that he's confessed and they now have a lawyer. He advises her to get one, too. He gives her the business card of one and tells her to have her mother call when she gets home.

Landry and his dad visit with the lawyer, who explains that this depends on how the confession is framed. He tries to get him to realize that things will be much easier if Landry tells them he went after the guy after hearing Tyra screaming and he was protecting her.

Lyla visits Jason. While she's there, Isabella, from the dating site, calls him and they make a date. Lyla teases him about it.

Julie goes to Eric's office to complain about her mother. She tells him that she really wants to help her mother, but she's just so busy with school and dance and newspaper, etc.

Tim's next task is to help with the women's gymnastics meet. His roommate is following him and is there making really obnoxious comments to the participants. Eric tells Tim to get rid of him.

While Buddy is cooking dinner for him and Santiago, he quizzes him on the different football plays. Santiago looks overwhelmed and worried as Buddy tells him that he's expected to know all the plays by the next day.

Eric brings up his talk with Julie while in bed with Tami, who is far from pleased. She tells him that she hopes he told Julie that regardless of what she supposedly has to do, she still needs to help.

Landry's dad, sits on his bed and again tries to convince Landry to admit that he killed the guy in self-defense. He's in tears as he tells Landry that if he goes to prison it will break his heart.

Early the next morning, Eric finds Tim at the athletic building. Tim tells him he's just getting a jump on things. When Eric asks if it's got something to do with his living situation, Tim tells him no.

At work, Matt tells Smash that he can't keep giving away stuff and Smash tells him that they don't count ice cream.

Carlotta walks in and Smash tries to flirt with her. She blows him off and asks for Matt. Smash is like a proud papa as he congratulates Matt.

But he tells him that women like boundaries and that if he wants the relationship to last, he will have to set some ground rules.

Landry asks Tyra if she was afraid of the rapist that night. She tearfully tells him that she was honestly in fear for her life.

Driving to school, Buddy is talking to Santiago about tonight's game. He breaks under the pressure. He's very belligerent to Buddy and tells him off. Buddy handles it very well and gives him a major pep talk.

Back at the station, Landry gives his confession. When asked why he killed the guy, Landry replies that he thought the guy was going to kill Tyra.

Jason and Isabella go on their first date.

As they sit in the restaurant talking, she starts talking dirty to him. As she goes to th erestroom, Jason begs the waitress to tell Isabella that he left. Isabella throws a glass of water in the waitress' face.

On game night, the Panthers are getting stomped and in the second half, Eric puts Santiago in. The first few plays, he gets rocked, but then he makes a great play, sacking the quarterback and causing a fumble.

The Panthers end up winning and Buddy congratulates Santiago and tells him that his play changed the momentum of the game. When Buddy attempts to apologize for being so hard on him, Santiago stops him and thanks him.

The waitress from the restaurant ends up driving Jason home. As they sit in the car, they exchange bad date stories. Then they kiss.

Matt takes Smash's advice and attempts to set some ground rules with Carlotta. She distracts him by kissing him.

The strange roommate guy scares the crap out of Riggins by awakening him by poking him with the barrel of his rifle. Not normal.

He informs Tim he forgot to feed the ferrets. He then laughs and invites Tim to the party he's having downstairs with his friends, but Tim bolts.

Jason doesn't come home until the next morning, where he gets confronted by his mother for staying out all night without calling. He tells her that it won't happen again because he's moving in with Herc.

Tami attempts to talk to Julie ... she tells Julie that this Christening is so important to her because she is not only welcoming Grace, but that she wants her family back. She wants her daughter back.

The police pull up to Landry's house and he and his dad walk to the door together. Then we see Landry at Tyra's door, telling her that the police are not going to press charges. They hug.

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