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The episode begins with Tami taking Gracie to day care. They don't quite make it in the door, though, before Tami changes her mind at the last second and takes Gracie to work with her instead.

When Eric walks into Tami's office later that day, he walks in to see Glen holding Grace. Tami has a meeting and leaves Eric to watch the baby for a bit. She makes excuses as to why the baby was at work.

An old friend of Santiago's shows up and wants him to come along. Santiago tells him that he now plays football and has practice. His friend is less than understanding, but he leaves. Eventually.

He and other friends return later, though, and want to up to pick Santiago up from practice. It becomes apparent that Santiago has changed.

When Buddy meets these friends, he invites them over for an evening of movies and snacks. They readily agree. Neither Buddy nor Santiago are completely comfortable with this, though.

Today is Lyla's first day at her new job at the radio station. She starts off kind of rough, but gets better. Later she gets a prank call from Tim disguising his voice. She figures out that it was him.

Matt tells Landry that Carlotta is going back to Guatemala. He finally confesses to Landry that they are more than friends.

He admits to Carlotta his feelings, but she says that although she has feelings for him, she has to go back because of her family.

Noelle tells Smash her family wants to have his family over for dinner. After the dinner, Noelle's parents tell the couple that they are very uncomfortable with their relationship.

The kids are told that the families personally don't have a problem with an interracial relationship, but that others surely will. Mrs. Williams agrees with them, to Smash's surprise and disappointment.

Tim seems to be struggling with something as he listens to Lyla's show on the radio. He comes to a decision and picks up a bouquet of flowers at a convenience store and drives over to the station to give them to her.

Before he can, though, he happens to see Lyla and her co-host kissing. He leaves the flowers on a piano and leaves the station before Lyla sees.

Santiago's little get together, turns out to be an all out party. Santiago doesn't seem to enjoy it, though. He spends the entire evening cleaning up, breaking up disputes and trying to keep an eye on Buddy's stuff.

When all the guests leave, he notices that Buddy's gold watch is missing from the mantle. He goes after his friend and accuses him of taking it. They get into a fight when his friend accuses him of selling out.

When he gets back home, he has the watch, but he's banged up. He and Buddy have another bonding moment when he tells Buddy what happened.

Smash takes his sister to the movies, but in truth is was a front for him meeting up with Noelle at the theater. As Smash and Noelle neck during the movie, his sister, sitting alone, is hassled by some white kids.

When Smash says something, they tell him that since he took one of theirs, they're gonna take one of his. Things get ugly, Smash hits one of them, and his sister is in tears when they leave. The kid keeps saying that Smash hit him and he didn't do anything. This has only just begun.

Eric tells Tami that if day care screws Gracie up, then she could go to her mom for counseling. After much cajoling, Eric and Tami take Gracie to day care. Tami is finally able to let her go.

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