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On this week's episode of Friday Night Lights, the annual football BBQ causes lots of tension for the Taylor family.

The Collette girls and the Riggins boys are enjoying some dancing, steaks and beer on a wild night out. On the way home, Billy stops at some guy's house for a "business meeting," which seems shady.

He claims he's getting some money together to take care of debts. The next day, Coach assures Matt (Zach Gilford) that hotshot QB J.D. won't be replacing him. Of course, Joe McCoy corners Eric to urge otherwise.

Tami (Connie Britton) and Eric are throwing a party for the football fans, but even that hospitality hasn't stopped the Boosters from pestering the coach about his choice of quarterback.

Tami is tired of having these parties at the Taylor house, but Eric easily woos her into taking on the task. At Smash's place, he learns that his mom is taking on a second job to pay for his college education.

While Tami argues with the butcher over ribs, she runs into J.D.'s mother, Katie. She wants to meet with Tami about donating money to academics, and also wants to throw a few fundraisers to raise extra cash.

She definitely knows the way to Tami's heart.

Tim (Taylor Kitsch) asks Lyla to come over the next night, but she's worried that Mindy and Angela hate her. He thinks she's paranoid, and promises to stand up for her if anyone treats her poorly.

Tami tells Eric (Kyle Chandler) that Katie offered to throw the BBQ for the football fans at her place. Tami's thrilled, but the coach is upset over the change, saying he doesn't want to be scrutinized in someone else's house.

Everyone is worried about J.D. McCoy. Mac wants Coach to give him some time as QB, which Eric refuses to do, and Landry (Jesse Plemons) is convinced that the new kid is too "hip" for Matt to compete with.

Matt opens up to Julie about the game coming up on Friday. Not only are they facing off with a school they've never beaten, but he's stressed about J.D.

The head of Alamo Freeze wants to know if Smash will consider being regional manager. He'd make $10,000 a year.

Lyla (Minka Kelly) heads to the Riggins house and puts her foot in her mouth when Mindy reveals that she stole her wedding vows from Finding Nemo.

After Billy's friend shows up unexpectedly, Billy tells Tim that he planned to steal some copper wire from an old power plant and sell it for cash.

Instead of talking him out of it, Tim suggests he take a different escape route to avoid the cops. It's not long before the Collette girls leave, offended that anyone would fail to take Finding Nemo seriously.

Eric is grumpy while pulling up to the massive McCoy house, which he thinks looks like a sanitarium. They even have a valet service out front!

Buddy drives Lyla to the shindig while Tim helps his brother steal the wire, which is an adventure that has its fair share of problems. The boys run into guard dogs, but the dogs flee without causing any damage.

Matt and Julie (Aimee Teegarden) stumble upon the shrine dedicated to J.D. while at the party, and the teen finally gets his first lines when he catches them mocking his trophies.

He makes a joke that his parents bronzed his first diaper, then wanders off and leaves things awkward. Meanwhile, Billy convinces Tim to help him get the last few spools of wire.

Buddy, Joe and Wade try to convince Eric to put J.D. in the game. Eric doesn't like being pressured, and he also feels more comfortable with Matt since he's known him for years.

After the Taylors get home, Eric and Tami share some sweet moments together, and he says he misses the coach's wife, and she says that she can't wait to meet the principal's husband.

Friday night is here and the big game has begun.

Not only do the Panthers lose, but they lose after Matt fumbles the ball while trying to make a touchdown. Factor in the massive amount of hits he took during the game, and it looks like Saracen failed to impress.

Julie meets with him afterwards, and comforts him a little bit by agreeing to discuss anything but football.

Smash tells his mom that he's turning down the Texas A&M visit to take the job at Alamo Freeze. Momma tells him he's made the worst decision ever and she plans to help him go to college whether he likes it or not.

Smash doesn't like the idea of taking her charity, but she assures him he can worry about supporting her and buying her a house later.

Meanwhile, Tim apologizes to Lyla about abandoning her at the BBQ. She begs him not to prove her wrong about her constant claims that he's a good guy.

Tami and Eric come home to find that some lame fans have placed For Sale signs in their front yard. Tami rests her head on Eric's shoulder after they go inside, becoming the coach's wife once again.

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