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What was Tyra thinking?

Apparently she still hasn't vanquished her wild ways. One remark from her mom (and a little push from her sister) and a thoughtful, college-minded Tyra started shaking that thing on Dillon High School property.

The goal? To drum up school election votes.

Tami was far from pleased. For some reason, Tyra acted surprised when her mentor (how the High School Principal) was angry over this stunt.

She had been getting so level-headed, too. At least Tyra delivered another classic quote later when hanging out at the Riggins' house, waiting for her sister to finish “humping” Tim’s brother in the adjacent bedroom.

Matt’s long-gone mom (guest star Kim Dickens) appears as Matty embarks on  a quest to attain “emancipated teen” legal status to ensure the best care of his grandmother. This sounds boring but is done so, so well - such reality and only trace amounts of cheesiness. Typical Friday Night Lights.

Elsewhere, Eric tells a struggling Smash to “Suck it up — that’s what being a man is.” The former star tailback is trying to overcome the fear that his knee might blow out again. Smash wants a college tryout and Eric is doing what he can to help, even if egos are bruised and fragile right now.

Tami is never more focused than when under attack. A Jumbotron stunt forced upon her by a devious Buddy Garrity only makes their showdown better. 

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