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This week's episode dealt with some heavy issues. Here's a basic recap of what went down:

- After getting flak from Jess for not playing a direct role in the lives of his kids, Virgin (aka "Big May") attended his son's pop warner football game. He also got more involved with the Lions, giving Eric advice on how to coach Vince.

- Tim brings Becky over for advice from Tami. She basically just lays the options out there and says she'd support her daughter, if she were in the same situation, no matter what she chose. In the end, Becky went through with her abortion. Luke seemed okay with this, but we have a feeling his parents won't be. His religious mother especially seemed to be against terminating the pregnancy in the brief moments she appeared on screen.

- Tim convinced Billy to make him a partner and to forget their chop shop and focus on real business.

- Julie bonded more with Ryan and said she wants to "see the world," as cliched as that is.

- Following an overdose by his mother, Vince needed $4,000 to get her into a rehab program. We see at the end of the episode that he got it... from his shady friends. One of them handed him a gun, seemingly as part of their deal. For what purpose? We don't know.

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I can't take care of this baby. I can't.


Tm Riggins is gonna be a father?!?