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This episode dealt largely with Julie's reaction to Matt leaving. She's distraught, especially when she learns he's called his mother and grandmother, but still hasn't phoned her.

To distract herself, Julie joins a series of school clubs, including the Academic Smackdown, also making Landry join. Jess also happens to be in the club and she and Landry get a bit closer. He later calls Tyra, after she stands him up for a meeting at a rest stop, and says he realizes she has moved on.

This at least allows him to ask Jess out, as he tells her his life is no longer complicated and he'd love to go on a date with her. She doesn't answer in the scene, but appears to be swayed by Landry's charm.

Meanwhile, Tami's success as the principal has allowed Dillon to earn a blue ribbon honor for academic success. She and a few staff members go out to celebrate, and a drunk Glenn kisses Tami on the way out of the bar. She quickly backs away, of course, and politely talks to him the next day about how that can't happen again.

Also, Tinker helps Luke and his father re-build the fence around their cows. When Luke's dad sees this kind gesture from a teammate, he appears to realize the value of football more. But just as he does, Luke injures himself trying to round cattle up. We'll have to wait and see how serious it is.

Over at East Dillon, Coach Taylor earns Vince's trust. After the police search Vince's locker for a gun, but come up empty, Eric asks Vince if he owns one. The player is clearly lying when he says no, which prompts a visit from Eric to his apartment later in the episode. Vince explains how dangerous life on the streets is, but Eric counters with the argument that if Vince is caught, he goes to jail and then who looks after his mother? Later on, Vince stops by the Taylors and brings Coach his gun.

Elsewhere, Becky's truck-driving father stops by for a visit. She gets her hopes up that he might move back someday, but Riggins knows otherwise. He overhears the irresponsible father talking on the phone with a woman in Seattle that is having his baby. Riggins confronts the man later about it, clearly taking out the frustrations of his own abandoned father, and punches him out. He also tells Becky about the Seattle family and tries to explain that it isn't his fault.

Riggins proceeds to buy a dog for Becky and truly take on the role of second father. Upon driving the puppy home, he spots 25 acres of land for sale and seems intrigued. The episode ends with him looking out over it.

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