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This episode was all about characters being unable to accept new or changing circumstances.

There was Landry, trying to talk maturely to Jess about their kiss last week... only to be slapped in the face when he mentioned feelings for Tyra.

There was Riggins and Lyla hooking up big time now that she's back in town, only for Riggins to still not want enough out of life to satisfy his possible soulmate. As a result, Lyla left town again, heading back to college and seemingly putting a real end to their relationship/future.

There was Saracen and Julie, who attended a music festival in Austin, only for both to realize that Matt made a mistake by staying. Julie felt guilty about it and Matt felt like the time was now to get away. It helped that the army gave his family $100,000 upon the death of his father, providing financial support for his grandmother. The episode concluded by Julie crying hysterically and Matt driving off on the open road. A bit ambiguous, but Zach Gilford is expected back later this season.

On the field, the Lions stayed with one of the top teams in the state. They only lost 14-7, as Vince was anointed the new quarterback. There's hope for this team yet!

Friday Night Lights
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