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The Lions beat the Panthers! In the game of the year, Landry kicked a 46-yard field goal as time expired to give East Dillion the major upset, 25-24. In other developments...

- Tim took the entire fall for Billy and claimed the car stripping was entirely his operation. Our final glimpse of #33 was him entering the police station to confess.

- Matt returned, but he couldn't persuade Julie to come back to Chicago with him because she said she had to follow her own dreams. Landry, though, was happy to board a plane with his pal. The fact that Jess admitted her feelings for Vince to him earlier in the episode helped spur Landry along.

- Tami could not bring herself to read the public apology and was facing an forced administrative leave. Instead of taking it, she asked to be transferred to the head of the guidance counselor department at East Dillon.

Friday Night Lights
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