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The Lions scored 14 points and Vince was named a co-conference player of the week on this episode.

Also, Luke had a falling out with his former friends at Dillon, including J.D., while Riggins turned down the advances of Becky, who made her move on him after her father failed to show for a beauty pageant of hers.

Still, the hour was all about Matt Saracen. Zach Gilford should earn every acting award out there for his portrayal of a son struggling with the death of a father he never even knew well. Saracen was polite to all the mourners throughout the episode, but finally lost it during dinner with the Taylors. He said he had stored up all his hate in the world and put it on his absentee father.

But Matt was able to hold it together and give a respectful eulogy when he needed to. This wasn't the kind of episode where a lot actually happened, but it was the exact kind of episode that makes us love this show so much. Raw emotion spilled out of the characters, especially Saracen, for a full hour. Just great stuff all around.

Friday Night Lights
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