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Ross enlists the help of Joey and Chandler to help him decide between Rachel and Julie and the guys help him make a pro and con list; Monica gets a job making food using Mockolate, a chocolate substitute.

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Friends Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Rastatter: Our FDA approval didn't come through. Something about laboratory rats.
Monica: Oh, gosh, I'm sorry.
Rastatter: Yeah, well, anyhow, here is your check. Thank you for all the trouble you went through. Um, listen, you didn't eat a lot of it while you were cooking, did you?
Monica: Well, uh, I ate some.
Rastatter: Oh, some, that's fine. Some is fine. Some is not a lot. So, it doesn't burn when you pee, does it?

Chandler: Okay, let's do Julie. What's wrong with her?
Ross: She's not Rachel.