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When lying in bed with Bolivia, Peter gets a call from a woman telling him Olivia is trapped in the other universe.  He waits two hours for Bolivia to be fast asleep and begins searching through her stuff.  When Bolivia wakes up at Peter recites a quote that only Olivia would know and Bolivia doesn't pass this test.  

Bolivia immediately pulls a gun on Peter.  She has Peter inject himself with something to parallelize him for a few hours, enough time to let her escape.  Bolivia heads to the typewriter store and notifies Walternate that her cover has been blown.    

Walter and Broyles are called to Olivia's apartment to start the investigation of finding Bolivia and helping Olivia get home.  Peter realizes Bolivia accidentally took Peter's laptop, leaving hers behind.  

Back on the Other Side, Walternate tries to figure out how to get Bolivia home.  Philip Broyles sees Olivia being held captive and begging for help.

Bolivia then steals parts of the doomsday machine that Walternate is missing on his side.  

The team head to the Bronx, the lead is the location of a bakery that Olivia frequents for Walter’s pastries.  Peter enters a typewriters store nearby and notices his laptop sitting on the counter.  He examines the typewriter used by Bolivia to send Walternate a message and see the words: Penn Station Newark NJ.  

Broyles goes to visit Olivia.  She shows him the marks on her forehead and tells him they are going to kill her.  They are going to cut out her brain and study it.  Broyles says he is sorry and leaves.

Broyles wonders who is he, to play God with peoples lives.  He doesn't know if he should help Olivia and goes to his wife for advice.

Right before they begin cutting into Olivia, Broyles breaks into the lab and rescues her.  In the lab she sees something that looks like Cortexiphan and also notices the deprivation tank is empty.  

Peter and the team arrive at Penn Station.  Peter sees Bolivia and ends up stopping her and a shape shifter that was helping her cross over.

Over There, Broyles helps Olivia get to the lab at Harvard.  Broyles sacrifices himself to get Olivia home.  

Bolivia also makes it back home using a harmonic device and a dead Philip Broyles is sent back in her place.

The typewriter store owner gets his legs when he delivers the piece of the doomsday machine to a man. 

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Fringe Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Bolivia: Listen, whatever happens to me, this started out as an assignment but it became something more.
Peter: That would be so much easier to believe if you weren't in handcuffs right now.

Peter: I'm sorry Olivia.
Olivia: Don't apologize. You were the only thing that got me through. If it wasn't for you I would have never made it back. You saved my life.